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Go Magazine

"Repêchage C-Serum — The "C" stands for seaweed-based nutrients, not the vitamin. The oil-free formula sinks right in, leaving skin lightly hydrated and glow-y."

August 2013

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Magazine

"And the next day you look like you've been through the wringer. Repêchage Eye Rescue Pads are infused with black and green tea and the anti-aging power of seaweed to provide cooling relief for tired, puffy eyes."

July 2013


Rep&ecric;chage C-Serum Seaweed Filtrate


Eye Rescue Pads with Seaweed and Natural Tea Extracts


America Salon

"Perfect for acne-prone clients, the Hydra Medic Sea Mud Perfecting Mask from Repêchage gently and deeply cleans pores. Its blend of ingredients aims to clear up and refine skin, and absorb sebum with Kaolin Clay and an anti-bacterial mineral-derived mixture. Additionally, the mask features Eucalyptus Oil, not just for its reinvigorating scent, but also for its antiseptic qualities."

July 2013

Skin Inc Magazine

"Hydra 4 Mask features an antioxidant-rich formula that helps to smooth, calm, prevent blotchiness and excessive dryness, and reduce damage, leaving skin revitalized with an even tone."

July 2013


Hydra Medic® Sea Mud Perfecting Mask


Hydra 4® Mask